Who can come to the Cross Church School of Ministry?

The Cross Church School of Ministry is for men and women called by God to full-time vocational service. We accept students anywhere along their educational and preparation journey from post-high school to post-seminary, and anywhere in between.

How is the Cross Church School of Ministry different from other schools?

The Cross Church School of Ministry is a one-year ministry residency. In the same way a doctor goes to medical school and then must participate in a residency before he is released to practice medicine, so we exist to fill a major gap in ministry training – a residency. Our colleges and seminaries do a wonderful job with formal education. Our goal is not to compete with these schools, but to complement them. Students may enter the Cross Church School of Ministry anywhere along their academic journey from post-high school all the way through post-seminary and anywhere in between. We are convinced that your one-year residency with us will be the difference maker in the future of your ministry career.

How is the Cross Church School of Ministry different from an internship?

Internships are typically the “grunt-work” of ministry, things like picking up pizzas, hauling chairs, making copies, etc. While you are never “too good” to ever do any of these things, the Cross Church School of Ministry is designed to offer you a true-to-life ministry experience for one-year that goes far above and beyond any internship. You will effectively be functioning as another staff person of Cross Church under the mentorship of a seasoned Cross Church minister. You will attend upper level staff meetings, deal with budget issues, develop and do ministry in context, etc. And if you mess-up and fall, you will have a safety net—something you would not have if you were out on your own. Our goal is to get you into full-time vocational ministry, but not until you are ready. And getting ready means one year with us!

What is an Oxford-style learning environment?

The Cross Church School of Ministry employs an Oxford-style learning environment for our one-day a week “classroom” experience. Unlike the traditional lecture format common to most schools, our students will engage with the mentor-professor in a round-table, collaborative learning environment. Exchange of ideas, learning from one another, and reading and writing (as opposed to tests and quizzes), will be the defining elements of this style of learning.

What is the housing like for the Cross Church School of Ministry?

Cross Church has relationships with several rental companies and is ready to assist students in finding a place to rent and to connect you with other students needing to rent in order to have an apartment-mate and share costs.

Does the Cross Church School of Ministry qualify for federal and state financial aid?

No, we are a private and independent school and as such do not qualify to receive and process this kind of aid for our students.

Is it appropriate for me to raise funding for my Cross Church School of Ministry program costs?

Yes! In fact, we highly encourage you to raise private funds from those who know you are called by God into the ministry and believe in and support that calling. This could be family, friends, your home church, etc. We encourage our students to create an exhaustive list of such contacts and send them a support letter along with a Cross Church School of Ministry brochure (we will provide as many of these as you need). Consider this as a goal: If you found just 10 people who believe in you and your calling, who would each commit to give $100 per month for one year…, that equals $12,000. We believe this is very achievable. It is common for people to raise support in this manner for mission trips that cost $2,000–$4,000 or more. And remember, as part of your time with the Cross Church School of Ministry, you will be going on THREE mission trips.

Can I earn credit-hours toward a bachelors or masters degree for my time at the Cross Church School of Ministry?

Yes! The Cross Church School of Ministry has established formal partnerships with numerous seminaries and colleges. These fine institutions have agreed to honor your time and investment at the Cross Church School of Ministry and grant credit hours toward the completion of a degree with them. Each partnership is different. For details, check out the Partnership page and contact Dr. Crawford's office.

What if a school I want to attend is not listed as a partner of the Cross Church School of Ministry?

If you have the desire to work toward a degree at an institution that the Cross Church School of Ministry has not partnered formally with, do not be discouraged. Please contact Dr. Crawford's office for a discussion. We will make contact with the desired school for you and begin discussions about a partnership that will benefit you.

Is the Cross Church School of Ministry for women?

Yes! God is calling a generation of women into full-time vocational ministry in many areas of the church – preschool ministry, children’s ministry, girls and student ministry, worship ministry, women’s ministry, and more! If you are a woman called by God, we encourage you to strongly consider the unique one-year residency that is offered only by the Cross Church School of Ministry.

Will the Cross Church School of Ministry help me find a ministry position after I graduate?

A major benefit of graduating in good-standing from the Cross Church School of Ministry is that once you are a part of Cross Church, you will always be a part of Cross Church. This means we will stand with you for the remainder of your ministry career. So upon graduation, or anytime in your ministry career, should you need a reference or assistance in finding a high quality church to minister in, we will do our best to help you in every way. We obviously cannot guarantee placement, and we must always bow to the will of God when it comes to His church, but the Cross Church name and brand is very influential and used by God all across the nation and the world.