Al MohlerR. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"The most important context for the training of ministers is in the local church, and I am so glad that Cross Church and Dr. Ronnie Floyd are establishing this new program for the training of ministers within the life and ministry of one of the world’s most dynamic and faithful churches. Southern Seminary is proud to be in partnership with this new program and we expect great things from those who will be trained by it and sent out into the world."

Danny AkinDaniel L. Akin
President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"The Cross Church School of Ministry is exactly the kind of partnership between local churches and seminaries that is changing the landscape of theological education and ministry training. D.A. Carson, the outstanding New Testament scholar, called such a vision "utopian." Well utopian has arrived! This method of equipping ministers of the gospel makes the future for the expansion of the Kingdom of King Jesus bright indeed." 

Kevin EzellKevin Ezell
President, North American Mission Board

“I am grateful for the passion of Ronnie Floyd and Cross Church School of Ministry. Providing practical ministry experience in an environment where ministry is conducted with excellence. I'm thankful for churches who intentionally discover, develop and deploy the next generation of pastors and missionaries.”

O.S. HawkinsO.S. Hawkins
President & CEO, GuideStone Financial Resources

“If the well educated Apostle Paul saw the need to set aside several months in preparation before entering his public ministry why wouldn't any young preacher want to sit at the feet of Ronnie Floyd and Jeff Crawford for a few months of internship. And, where better to learn and sharpen your tools than in the dynamic of a local church setting known for it's integrity and excellence.”

Alex HimayaAlex Himya
Senior Pastor, The Church at Battle Creek

“My 5 years at Cross Church with Dr. Ronnie Floyd will forever be the greatest pastoral training I've ever received. Dr. Floyd is uniquely gifted as a leader of leaders. Cross Church is a church that continually leads the nation in baptisms and is unapologetically evangelistic. Cross Church has developed some the finest leaders in the country. I whole heartedly recommend you come and train in the Cross Church School of Ministry!” 

Ben TruebloodBen Trueblood
Director of Student Ministry,
LifeWay Christian Resources

“I deeply treasure my time at Cross Church growing up in the student ministry and later serving as a staff member. I learned much from the leadership of Ronnie Floyd and am thankful for his continued investment in my life.

For many years Cross Church has made a priority of investing in young ministers of the Gospel. I am thankful for the investment that Cross Church and Ronnie Floyd have made in my personal life and in my ministry.

The opportunity to serve with and be mentored by Ronnie Floyd and the Cross Church staff has been a great blessing to me personally. I am confident that those who are involved in the Cross Church School of Ministry will walk away with a love for the local church and will be prepared to be a leader in gospel advancement.”

Chris SwainChris Swain
Equipping Pastor and Executive Director of Replicate Ministries,
Long Hollow Baptist Church

“As a church member, intern, and ultimately a full-time staff member at Cross Church, Pastor Floyd personally invested in me and my family to ensure that I was trained, equipped, and released to do ministry with vision and excellence. My time at Cross Church has played a foundational role in every area of my 14-year ministry career. God used Pastor Floyd’s investment in me to launch us toward a bigger vision in taking the gospel to the world. 

Pastor Floyd has kept in personal contact with my family and me after our time at Cross Church which speaks volumes about his heart and commitment to equip and unleash new leaders for the gospel. My ministry has been a direct result of Pastor Floyd’s vision to train, equip, and unleash new leaders to share the gospel. The role Cross Church played in investing in my family and me has had a profound impact on how and where God has used us to take the gospel.”

Dale HudsonDale Hudson
Founder & Director, Building Children's Ministry

"The time I spent gleaning from Dr. Ronnie Floyd and the staff team at Cross Church was invaluable for my ministry. The investment they made in my life was a game-changer for me. Spend time under their leadership and you will be infused with passion, vision, and practical ministry tools. If you're serious about preparing for ministry, then connect with leaders who don't just talk about ministry, but live it in the context of a thriving local church. Be a part of the Cross Church School of Ministry!"

Stan ColemanStan Coleman
Lead Pastor, West Cobb Church

“As the Founding and Lead pastor of a non-denominational church, I am thrilled that Dr. Ronnie Floyd and Cross Church are launching a School of Ministry to continue spreading the gospel around the world. The ministry and mentorship of Dr. Floyd and Cross Church will undoubtedly help you go further, faster, deeper and wider than you ever thought possible.”

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Van Buren, AR

“Cross Church will always be my home church. After I surrendered to serve the Lord full-time, the only thing I knew about ministry was that God had called me. Pastor Floyd and Cross Church invested in my life in countless ways. Cross Church inspired me with a God-sized vision to reach the world for Christ. Today, I pastor a local church in Texas.

My time at Cross Church equipped and prepared me to face the challenges of a local church pastorate. So much of what I do in day-to-day ministry I learned in a hands-on environment at Cross Church. Pastor Floyd has built a culture at Cross Church of investing in the next generation and I am profoundly grateful to have been able to experience that. Anyone preparing for ministry needs to consider prayerfully Cross Church School of Ministry.” 

Brad JurkovichBrad Jurkovich
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Bossier

"I will always be grateful for the investment Cross Church made in me and my call to ministry. To have the opportunity to grow in ministry preparation in the local church is something every servant of the Lord needs to take seriously. And participating in the Cross Church School of Ministry is an excellent way to develop ministry gifting, experience, and vision to reach the world for Christ."

Jeff YoungJeff Young
Minister of Spiritual Development,
Prestonwood Baptist Church

“Cross Church and Pastor Ronnie have an undeniable heartbeat for people...and insuring people are impacted by the Gospel. The Cross Church School of Ministry will be the perfect place for young adults to develop a similar passion for people, building a difference-making Church and Christ-like leadership!

The Cross Church School of Ministry is the ideal setting for young adults to be challenged and equipped to be difference makers! Pastor Ronnie's passion for Christ, the Church and for people is contagious. I have no doubt that this School will be used by God to create leaders with passionate commitment to His Word and to making Him known!” 

Michael GuyerMichael Guyer
Lead Pastor, Treasuring Christ Church

“God has used Cross Church and the investment of Pastor Floyd to shape my passion for Christ and for the nations. I praise God for Cross Church's desire to equip men and women to advance the gospel though ministry in the local church both nationally and internationally.”

Brian MillsBrian Mills
Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church

"Cross Church believed in me as a young man called to ministry and invested their time and energy into my life. While being a apart of Cross Church I was challenged in my personal spiritual life, leadership, prayer life, reading books, the power of an evangelistic ministry and much more. As I have the opportunity today to lead a staff along with a ministry of 1000's of students I go back often to what I gained from my experience at Cross Church and apply it to where I am today. Dr. Ronnie Floyd is one of the greatest leaders I have served under and would suggest all young ministries to jump in their program. I have as well had the honored to serve under the leadership of Dr. Crawford and anyone called to ministry should take time to allow him to invest into your life. One of the sharpest Godly mentors I have had in ministry."

Ryan BlackwellRyan Blackwell
Executive & Teaching Pastor, Cross Church

“I had the incredible privilege of growing up in, ministering in, and being sent out to engage in pastoral ministry from Cross Church. The two most important takeaways that I have from being under Ronnie Floyd’s leadership were the importance of having a daily abiding relationship with Jesus and of having an unrelenting passion to see lost people know Him. Without the influence of Ronnie and Cross Church, I would have never been prepared for the tremendous ministry God has placed me in.”

Brad GravesBrad Graves
Senior Pastor, Ada First Baptist Church

“Dr. Ronnie Floyd and Cross Church have made a tremendous impact in my life and ministry. Under Dr. Floyd’s leadership, Cross Church has made a global impact with the gospel by sending out countless leaders full of passion and vision. Cross Church School of Ministry will be a practical environment for church leaders wanting to make a global impact. I can confidently recommend the Cross Church School of Ministry to any leader willing to invest in themselves.”

Randy MillerDr. Randy Miller, Ph.D.
Pastor & Professor of World Religion

“The gospel continues to be carried by the same means as the first century church, disciples transformed by the gospel message of Jesus Christ. I am thankful that in my leadership DNA, Cross Church and Dr. Ronnie Floyd have played an integral role. It was at Cross Church that I first fell in love with Jesus and was trained to invest my life in emerging disciples of Jesus Christ. I continue doing this today, the simple process of following Christ in the message and method of the gospel. New leaders and fresh vision is still needed in our world today as we seek to extend God's kingdom to every part of our world, so I gladly partner with Cross Church and Dr. Floyd in training these leaders as we daily grow ever closer to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.”

Drew TuckerDrew Tucker
Associate Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church

“After serving in Northwest Arkansas for 13 plus years under the leadership of Dr. Ronnie Floyd I can assure you that as a participant in the Cross Church School of Ministry you will grow as a Minister of the Gospel. You will be encouraged to develop discipline and integrity in your walk with Christ, in your personal life as well as in your ministry. 

My tenure at Cross Church served to strengthen me in all of these areas. I would highly recommend that you spend a year with Dr. Floyd, Dr. Crawford and the Cross Church team. It will be a year well spent.”

Nick FloydNick Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church

“The Cross Church School of Ministry is a training center for men and women who have a burning desire to fulfill the Great Commission. Dr. Jeff Crawford and the Cross Church staff will invest their lives in you so that one day you will turn around and invest yours for the sake of the Gospel.”